The Coolest Front Yard Ever

16 Nov

I can’t lie… if I ever say this in person in someones front yard I would become instantly jealous of their  bush shaping abilities.  Not only does this yard have an Indy Car with a pit crew, but it has it made out of bushes… simply amazing!  the detail put into everything is out of this world, and incredibly well done.




Food in the Labs

16 Nov



Food is something allowed with drinks that is simply not allowed in computer labs.  Liquid will fry a computer if spilled, and food can do likewise although usually it’s just crumbs that get stuck in keyboards that seems to be the big problem.  and unfortunately the wonderfully scrumptious PEZ is a candy that must suffer the consequence of never seeing the inside walls of any computer lab on wayne states campus.


Old Main

16 Nov



Old Main: Wayne States oldest building, and arguably one of it’s most beautiful.  Almost nothing built today has the same uniqueness of old architecture.  while the new chemistry building is nice, and the engineering building is state of the art, nothing is aesthetically pleasing to the eye on wayne states campus as Old Mains Architecture.



9 Nov

What I hate more than anything about advertisement is when a company depicts something about their product that it cannot do.  Adobe, good job… you didn’t do that.  Adobe’s Indesign book’s back cover actually depicts what the program does, I can see an example of what I should expect to be able to do with the program.  I can see that I can combine the uses of both Photoshop and Illustrator to create covers for magazines that use both raster and vector images for product design and advertisement.



My life

9 Nov

It’s an everyday thing I get to look at as a DJ, and it is beautiful.  This image taken by my brother at one of my small house parties is a time lapse picture in which all the pictures taken in the allotted time are piled on top of each other to make one picture.  you can see the people walking in the background because of the glow sticks that seem to be floating all over the place.  Whoever came up with this idea is a genius… and when done properly the outcome can be a work of art.  Bright lights, lots of people, and loud music… thats what I live for.



blu ray

9 Nov

Clever or lazy?  blu ray is a hi-def disc that most if not all new movies are printed on for their superior image quality.  The logo can either be taken as clever or just plain lazy.  There is a blue “b” followed by a half circle that depicts a ray (like seen from ray guns in si-fi movies like start wars).  I personally like the image, maybe because I like the color blue so much, but regardless I think that this logo is a bit clever, simple and to the point.



Fire & Ice

26 Oct

American DJ, Kaskade’s latest album “Fire &  Ice” was released on monday October 24, 2011.  After just a few hours it was #1 in the Dance category, and #4 overall.  His latest album is a 2 part album, 10 tracks on the Fire album, and those same 10 tracks on the Ice album.  Including such hits as “Eye’s” and “Turn It Down” this album is taking off all over the world.  His album cover for “Fire & Ice” is a work of art.  Being an electronic DJ he implemented the “Trancy” feel of the music scene with the colors swirled in the background as well as the intense white lights on him.  He also implements the warm and cool colors of “Fire” and “Ice” on both sides behind him, symboling both albums.  Not only is his album well done musically, but also graphically, and for that reason, I continue to follow and support this American DJ.