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Fire & Ice

26 Oct

American DJ, Kaskade’s latest album “Fire &  Ice” was released on monday October 24, 2011.  After just a few hours it was #1 in the Dance category, and #4 overall.  His latest album is a 2 part album, 10 tracks on the Fire album, and those same 10 tracks on the Ice album.  Including such hits as “Eye’s” and “Turn It Down” this album is taking off all over the world.  His album cover for “Fire & Ice” is a work of art.  Being an electronic DJ he implemented the “Trancy” feel of the music scene with the colors swirled in the background as well as the intense white lights on him.  He also implements the warm and cool colors of “Fire” and “Ice” on both sides behind him, symboling both albums.  Not only is his album well done musically, but also graphically, and for that reason, I continue to follow and support this American DJ.


COM 1010

26 Oct

COM 1010… probably the class I dread the most…. I HATE public speaking.  This cover won the contest for designed covers last year, and I think it’s well done.  most cover’s are boring with words and some weird picture no ones ever seen before.  this book has a picture of something most Wayne State students has seen… the wall in the hallway of the Student Center.  The image depicts the communication of flyers and advertisements, clever since we don’t always think of advertisements as a communication.  I like this peice simply because of it’s clever way of depicting communication.









26 Oct

Forget the Redwings are my favorite Hockey team (The ONLY Hockey team a Detroiter, can root for) this piece of work is quick to disappear, but not soon to be forgotten.  Foogos is a photo gallery that is made up entirely of pictures of team logos that he makes out of perishable foods… Genius!   The Detroit Red Wings, are arguably the best, and most successful teams in the NHL.  With 20 straight playoff appearances, we are the current leaders in active post season appearances, and I don’t think we’ll be stopping anytime soon.  (The last time they WEREN’T in the playoffs, I wasn’t even thought of yet!)  This piece of art depicts a clever way of representing teams through something we all love… Food.  While the piece is not “clean cut” and neat, it still works, it’s not supposed to be, its food!  And for that reason I love it.


19 Oct





Cartoon’s are something most of us encounter on a daily basis whether we realize it or not.  Cartoon’s have many different purposes, the most well known is to be funny.  This cartoon does just that, it pokes fun at artists who always draw the same still life’s, by drawing “uncommon” ones, labeling them, and then calling the piece “uncommon still-lifes”.  I like this peice of art simply because of how funny it is, and how much it makes fun of what most of us do as artist… draw the same still life’s over and over again



19 Oct



Serato is a DJ software that allows DJ’s and Musicians to manipulate MP3 files on a computer using vinyl, or CD turntables as well as numerous MIDI controllers, their logo is one of my favorite logos ever for this reason: Their logo is relevant to the environment of it’s use.  Above is a picture of the turntable platter on my Technics SL-1210 M5G turntable.  Technics is the one and only turntable to have if you are a serious DJ.  Below is a picture of Serato’s logo, notice the similarities?  Serato’s logo is basically a picture of what a DJ would see in a nightclub if he were to look down at the platter of his turntable.  The reasoning for the dots on the turntable is a story in and of itself and will be covered in a later blog.  Serato’s logo is ingenious to say the least, and one of my favorites of all time.


19 Oct

Stanton is a Pro Audio DJ company who makes many different pieces of hardware for DJ use.  Their logo is very creatively designed because it uses the well known “on/off” power button logo in the design of their name.  While I am not a huge fan of their products, I do love a well designed logo, and Stanton nailed it on the head with this one.



Comon Really!?

12 Oct



Ok here’s one I hate… I get that it’s cheap and easy to make simple signs like this, but do something to it, please!  The lettering is plain, the laptop looks like it’s from 20 yeas ago, theres no color, ohh and did you see that the sign isn’t even cut out evenly!? This is a straight up design FAIL!  make our environment look a little more inviting, add some life to things, don’t do everything to just simply “get it done”